To possess a quickly streaming web site, you should have a clean and well structured backend code. Within the Web Control Panel, you can find a range of applications that can help you speed up your website’s overall performance without needing to revise anything in the back–end code. The Site Acceleration Tools – Varnish, Memcached and Node.js won’t only help you to provide swifter loading speeds to your site visitors and thus minimize site exit volumes, but will also push your website higher in the search engine listings.

To make use of the Site Acceleration Tools, just log into your Web Control Panel and make an instance for the one you want.


RAM–caching as opposed to data base requests

In case you have a database–driven site or web application, and if data–base queries have a tendency to decrease the overall performance, this could be really bothersome to the website visitors as well as the app consumers. Searching for a remedy can generally demand a great deal of time. However, in the webworldhosting Web Control Panel, you will discover a solution for you.

Memcached is an easy, yet potent distributed memory caching platform, that caches data and objects within the RAM. In this way, the database–saved information on your website will not need to be requested every time a customer opens up the same page.

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RAM–saving rather than HTTP requests

There are various techniques to to increase the speed of a site, but many of them require a developer to edit the back–end code. There are more straightforward tools for speeding up a site, just like the Varnish web accelerator tool included in our Web Control Panel.

Varnish represents a caching HTTP reverse proxy, which keeps HTTP requests within the RAM and returns them to the site visitor as an alternative for expecting the hosting server to send them. Tests indicate that putting into action Varnish on a site or a web application normally accelerates website loading times with a 300 – 1000x factor. Varnish may also be tweaked how to handle incoming calls – whether they ought to be processed by Varnish, by the web server, and so forth.

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Intended for making quick and adaptable web apps

Web developers can implement Node.js with regard to generating all types of high–quality and cost–effective solutions including enterprise measurement platforms, live web applications and website CMS, to name a few. It is truly super fast and adaptable and is powered by an enthusiastic community that keeps developing and supporting it.

Node.js is founded on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and employs an event–driven, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes its API adaptive and extensible. This particular modern formula helps developers to speedily establish high quality web apps by using only a single language.

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